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User Info: VintageRonJohn

3 years ago#21
Galasky posted...
Srry I cant attend anything. I'm staying in Vegas untill Saturday.

Long-term do you plan on being leader? Haven't heard from you in forever, SHADQW.

[D-S]*SHADQW (Galasky) (?)
[D-S]Jolt (VintageRonJohn)
[D-S]*Aakify (aakify1)
[D-S]*TPRTV (ThePhaseRifleTV)

I'm also in talks with potential recruits.
Conduit 2: RonJohn 3868-8419-8160 [D-S]Jolt 4986-1435-0700
The Conduit: RonJohn 3309-2472-4741
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