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3 years ago#11
Besides. The worst weapon in the game is whatever once Cmo is using at any given moment.
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3 years ago#13
ThePhaseRifleTV posted...
FaLc0niZWaSTeD posted...
No, we need an s***-ton of aim assist and dual-wielding. This is SUPPOSED to be a Cmo topic.
jerk hole.

LMFAO. I see that moderation hasn't faded from memory yet. Technically that's insulting me as well, but I'm a nice dude, so I'll just recognize its innocuous nature and ignore it.
3 years ago#14
3.) Deatomizer MK4


This weapon was never really top tier at all, but was certainly better in TCon. Why? Well, its for a multiple number of reasons really, for one, when you use the secondary fire mode, the accuracy is just laughable, only good in close range, plus low damage in its secondary fire mode,(Not as low as the Hive Cannon at 9, or MP5 at 7, but at 11 damage makes it still low) makes it bad, plus, the primary fire mode is only good when you charge it, and is quite slow to do so, and to top it all off, the travel time is the charge shot is very slow, in fact, so slow, its the slowest traveling shot in the game not even the AEGIS Device travels that slow I don't think, either that or they are tied. lol


Just make the travel time faster on the weapon, and also make the accuracy better and slightly increase the damage a tad, small buff, but big change.

2.) AEGIS Device


Overall, i think at least for me, I thought this weapon was going to be op when they first announced what was called the Vortex Cannon. (Wonder who still remembers that? lol)
However, i was wrong, lol, its the second worst in game. (Imo of course. lol) It has three things that make the shield useless, for one, melee attacks go straight though it, also explosives do the same, and the Phase Rifle can go through when the person tunes the AEGIS Device user.

Also, while, the Deatomizer MK4, and the Hive Cannon just rip though the shield, (Read here for more info about it: and the fact that the specialization is useless (Again, read the Wikia) makes it just bad, although IggyKop is king with it somehow, HAIL IGGY!!


First, make explosives no longer go though the shield, or at least make it have a big reduction for explosives, next, melee attacks should be deflected, or just ignored, and buff it against the Hive Cannon and Deatomizer MK4.

1.) HVS.45

This weapon, straight, up, SUCKS. The only good thing about this weapon is that its high damage, and movement speed is good overall, but everything else straight up sucks, let me explain.

First, the rate of fire is too low, about 1 per second, or about 60 RPM. (That's about as fast as the TPC Launcher) Second, it is HEAVILY affected by the Explosive Focus perk, making shots to kill almost/more than doubled for both, (Body shots is from 3 to 5, headshots 1 to 3) plus, it used to be that Heavy Armor and Light Armor unaffected the shots to kill, but, for some reason, HVS hot fixed this so it is now. Idk why, but that's the case, also, the handling traits for this weapon are the worst of all secondary's, hip-fire is the worst, the ONLY good thing about this weapon is the fact that it can one shot kill to the head, and that because its a secondary, it moves fast, however, that can be messed up by the Helmet perk, or the Explosive Focus perk for damage, and movement isn't that important either, so yeah, it sucks. :/

I don't even think IggyKop can use it, but still, HAIL IGGY!!


First, make the damage like 49 so that if you use any perk that increases damage at all its a two shot kill, making the time to kill better. Remove the effect that Explosive Focus has on it, make the rate of fire increased by 30%, and also make the hip-fire twice as good, that way, its the high damage secondary it was meant to be. :D

Well, hopefully you guys enjoyed this, make sure you be nice in the comments


Conduit, More, Often.
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3 years ago#15
CmoIsDaNam3 posted...

We were supposed to wait? for this? really? I'm not even impressed.
(message deleted)
3 years ago#17
Naughty boy, Phase. Time to call in the friendly neighborhood moderator.
3 years ago#18
FaLc0niZWaSTeD posted...
Naughty boy, Phase. Time to call in the friendly neighborhood moderator.

Go to hell.
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3 years ago#19
Occupation Bob and Endgame are probably the stupidest people on the FE:A board.
The One and Only True Mr.Ford
3 years ago#20
The Aegis device is the WORST of them all. While I can use every gun in this list to an extent, and the Strike Waffle especially, the Aegis just isn't good at anything. It really needs to have increased rate of fire, damage, accuracy, and the shield needs to deflect melee and deflect explosives if it's going to be a USABLE GUN in C3.
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