Conduit 2 is such a great game

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Orient33 posted...
Are those three guys alts?

I'm referring to the trolls mentioned in the beginning. They always seem to post right after one another, and I doubt they could be all online at once. Maybe Falcon just made some alts so he would have some support in trolling.
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Any more?

Or are your feeble fingers too spindly to type quickly?

I'm not sure who you are even referring to anymore. I am not Leon.

LOL. You have Leon on your name. Just click the link on your quote. Unless you...idolize him and keep his name as your quote....o_O

its only a name ssweety
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It's an interesting thing to watch when a White Knight's armor gets tainted black like the rest of us.
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Guiz stahp fiting.
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