GG Symph, horrible games to everyone else

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2 years ago#11
--Hope-- posted...
FaLc0niZWaSTeD posted...
BTW, who was HopeSuxD*x? I got a good laugh out of that.

Yea, the hilarious part was he was on my team both times....never fought him. GG though falcon, even though on the last match (crash site) it was -.- miserable. Bb everyone(just about ), lethal with a smaw, spawnkilling, ....oh well. Still enjoyed fighting with you falcon. lols. That one guy who made HopeSuxD*x made me laugh too. Someone must have been ticked, cause that was a rage inducing gamertag.

I like using the smaw :)
Its fun, but i actually have skill, i just recently got bored sniping so i started using the smaw a couple days ago.
2 years ago#12
@Symph: I know. I had to keep making new loadouts to compensate for all the scrubby s***.

@AISP: These matches were before I played you, but whatever. Also, the SCAR's hipfire doesn't suck. It's strong at close range, and stays that way at mid-range if you burst fire it and crouch to lessen the spread.
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