What do you think HVS should improve on in Conduit 3?

#21Toho2Posted 7/22/2013 3:44:36 PM
WEAPONS: Fix the USP or buff the Warp and Deatomizer because I'm sick of dying when I would have gotten the kill with the Warp or Deatomizer, but the ****head with the USP killed me because the USP is better than most primaries. -_- FIX IT! And the SR should get better accuracy while the PR should have reduced accuracy and sway to the zoom. And not be a 1 shot kill to the legs. The Scar reduced damage, the Smaw...removed or reduced in damage at close range, the Shrieker increased reserve ammo, the Spas reduced range. And bring back the Striker and Deatomizer MK9. And add a Drudge flamethrower, EMP gun, and acid gun. Add a human burst rifle and a light machine gun. Add a trust stick detonator, low ROF rifle, and singe shot rifle.
MAPS: the Oil Rig and China level from C2 and C1 levels returned: Infirmary and Warehouse. CAMPAIGN: MAKE THE CAMPAIGN HAVE A CONSPIRACY FEELING WITH HUMOR. ;)
ONLINE CHANGES: less lag, better connection, and better hit detection.
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-HC-P4G posted...
Oh, yeah, cause we really want the reigning "Worst company in the world" to publish Conduit 3...

It's pretty pathetic how so many people think EA actually deserved that award.
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