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GGs Ricky and BOS5^dark.

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User Info: HungoverHero777

3 years ago#1
Intense match on Streets with me and Jaime, dug. You did well by yourself!
"I'd rather die tomorrow as myself, than live forever as someone else." - Blues, DLN: 000
Have a Wii U, getting a PS4.

User Info: 1Pefrog

3 years ago#2
Thanks. You did well to. I got a little mad in Serenity when you teabagged me and when your teammate kept phasing me, but otherwise I had fun.
If it's yellow, leave it for the next fellow. If it's brown, flush it down.

User Info: stardust121

3 years ago#3
GGs? We didn't have any full games, but I did catch you taking out an idle me. Heheh, got a backstab on you as payback.
Conduit 2: 0862-8647-6484(Ricky)
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