Top 5 Worst Weapons in C2 Video (Based on the C2 Community)

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The Dark Star is not for killing using only itself. It's more for hit and switch.

It's a strategy weapon, and if you even get an assists when the energy is on the victim, you still get the privilege of using a Black Hole. Use the black hole for rushing enemies, last resort, scaring away intruders, and as a shield.
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Mindesyn posted...
These are MY worst weapons, Warpy is a good gun, I just cant kill nothing with it, I cant even kill with it if they are AFK haha, and Flash grenades, I have no use for, Im good enough at stealth movement to not need to blind people, not to mention, looking down, up or away, will negate its effect.

I prefer Rads>Frags>Flash, thats all, also I was struggling to find a 5th gun haha.

The Warpy is really good in TCon. I get RoTs with the thing.
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Though I like the SR and Deat, I can agree with the list in the OP

While I like them, compared to the rest of the weapons, I can see why they'd be considered the worst.
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Ok, now, I'm closing this topic. Thanks to all that voted. :)
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U Welcome
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