Affirmed By Fire (Conduit 2 fanfiction) Megathread

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D.C. Outskirts - October 27, 2012

The Destroyers approached the beltway: Kennedy at point, Ford on the left, and Lincoln behind. On the right was Martha Griffiths, the first female Destroyer Ford had seen. Unlike Andromeda's armor, Griffiths's was very similar to his own, save for a battle scar across the legs and two vertical bars spray-painted in yellow on the upper back.

"Drudge, three o'clock!" she shouted. Four motorcycles swooped down the beltway in a single-file line. The first Drudge raised an arm, and the other three slowed. Approaching the end of the exit ramp, the first Drudge picked up speed and then went into a hard skid. The Destroyers braced for a wreck and raised their weapons. There was no need, though; the Drudge came to a flawless halt, 30 or so feet from Griffiths.

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There's the permanent home of the entire story thus far. From now on I'll post in this thread whenever a new chapter is ready. It's also a place for discussion of the extended universe (if I dare call it that).

If anybody wants to draw any of the characters from my story, that would be really awesome and I'd be honored to make your work the cover image for the fanfic ^.^

Ideas are always welcome. In fact, Chesluk dropped a great one on me tonight. Where do you think "Metal Legs" came from?


metal legs come from the army leg device that allows soldiers to carry big loads but still run easily with a metallic leg supporter. (at least that is what i recall)
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Some musical inspiration while I get ready to write more:

Justice - "Civilization"

Justice - "Genesis"

Daft Punk - "Derezzed"
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Chapter 5, "Across The Pond" is now up.

London, U.K. - October 28, 2012

In the tallest tower of the Palace of Westminster, a secret phone rang. It also relayed a special text message to David Cameron's phone that read simply: "Adams." Cameron wondered what had taken so long. He bounded up two flights of stairs to the special phone, caught his breath, and answered. "Adams? What's going on? I've seen your capital on the news. It's been leveled!"

"Adams is dead," a gruff voice replied. Rain pounded on the window, but everything else was still.

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