Does the jump need a nerf? Or possibly removed altogether?

#11CmoIsDaNam3Posted 8/16/2013 4:44:26 PM
Toho2 posted...
I'd say make every weapon have a kick to it, that way you can't shoot and jump, and expect to have accuracy. That'd solve it right there.

The USP already has recoil, along with some other guns to.
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idk, but sometimes when I jump I go so high that when I land I suicide. :/
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#13Darcsen8Posted 8/16/2013 6:28:34 PM
In my opinion, if you're going to change "Jumping" than you should also alter "Sprinting".
Perhaps make "Jumping" and "Sprinting" perks? If you want more freedom in mobility, you should sacrifice some other perks. They did make Supercharger and Metal Legs, which both affect mobility, perks.
Since in C2 having the ability to run or jump has large influence on certain weapons (Spas12/USP/SMAW/Hive Cannon etc.) and game situations, making "Jumping" and "Sprinting" perks might affect the game balance in a positive way? What I was thinking is to make "Sprinting" a main perk and make "Jumping" as a secondary perk C (The same row with Improved Melee/Balistics/Explosives/Tuning). Meaning that if you want full mobility, it will cost all your perk slots.

Main Perk: Sprinting
Sec. Perk A: Metal Legs
Sec. Perk B: Supercharger
Sec. Perk C: Jumping

We could even call the "Jumping" Perk: Bunny Paws or something in that direction :P We might even get back a little bit of the Conduit 1 feeling in which there was no "sprinting" at all.