Affirmed By Fire (Conduit 2 fanfiction) Megathread, v2

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For those who didn't know, I'm currently working on a Conduit 2 fanfiction that can be found here:

And I'm still happy to take input from you lovely people. Without further delay, here's a preview for Chapter 6:

Uruk, Sumeria - July 18, 3193 B.C.

Prometheus made his way through the sweltering street, looking for a resistor. One and two story buildings lined the road, a relatively small venue for Enlil. He stood on the roof of a small, one-story shop. His gaze followed Prometheus's movement through the crowd. "Some among you," Enlil bellowed, "would have you question your gods." Prometheus stepped past a man with rotten breath who was staring, eyes transfixed, body motionless, like most of the crowd. Enlil paused while the crowd booed the idea of questioning the gods, and then he added a few well-placed clicks as the noise died down. Mind influence.

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