Team [JVC] vs [KAS]........

#31ThePrisoner06Posted 8/31/2013 1:48:54 AM
Sunday seems like a good idea, but would recommend a slightly later time.

Do want to give the members of [KAS] time to get up and wake up a bit before doing a match,

7am on a Sunday morning may be a bit early for them.

Suggests either 2pm or 3pm UK time for match.
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#32JVC-AshuraPosted 8/31/2013 2:04:53 AM
Isn't it still a bit too early for you? But 2-3pm or later (UK time) is ok for me.
#33JVC-AirtimePosted 8/31/2013 12:33:03 PM
Ok ill be online 2pm sunday uk time thats when we will play:D
#34JVC-AshuraPosted 8/31/2013 3:17:12 PM
our best player, coco, can't play tomorow so at the moment it's 3vs3. I just asked for someone to replace him on [JVC] forum so we'll see what happens.

I'm very sorry for the trouble but I still badly want to do this match and I pretty sure that after this week i'll be to busy to organize something like that again. So I hope we can do this tomorow just like airtime said.
#35kastastic(Topic Creator)Posted 8/31/2013 3:46:46 PM
Lets do a 3 vs 3 as Tytar2 is going to spend the night at a friends house and will be unable to play.
Best out of 5 matches
Time: 8:00 am USA Eastern Standard Time. ***
Maps: Crash Site, Sanctum Prime, Serenity, Streets Prime and ???.
Minutes each map: 10 minutes or achieve 50 kills.
Weapon Bans: Smaw, Widow Turret.
There will be NO glitches or hacks in this match....or I will end the game :/

Team [KAS]

Team [JVC]
[JVC]Airtime ....0777-5546-4104
[KAS]Motina, myself will host if that's OK....we have a super router and internet connection :)
@Andy....If you would check to make sure what time that is for the Brits and Frenchy's :)
^They called us Yanks so its only fair. :/
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#36JVC-AshuraPosted 8/31/2013 3:51:31 PM
alright, can't wait!
#37ThePrisoner06Posted 8/31/2013 4:04:29 PM(edited)
Ok Kas, that would make it 1pm British Time and 2pm Central European Time.

And 1pm for will fine for me.

And have been thinking, if we need a 5th map then one small area that comes to mind is Avalanche. Very fast moving area.
NNID - AndyInTheUK Mainly playing Zombi U. Currently Number 4 on the Standard mode Leaderboard for Zombi U.
#38JVC-AirtimePosted 8/31/2013 11:55:03 PM
Okay 1pm uk time it is!

Ill be online ill send fr to everyone
#39B05S_P4GPosted 9/1/2013 12:33:30 AM
That's a very good list of maps so far. I find it interesting that you're doing Sanctum, which is little used in clan battles but in my opinion one of the better ones. Just a suggestion, but I would say Lost City or perhaps Avalanche for the fifth.
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#40JVC-AirtimePosted 9/1/2013 2:01:49 AM
I recommend we play one match on Avalanche aswell