Have any of you clan guys tried having a war that consisted of classes?

#21JVC-AshuraPosted 8/29/2013 2:02:50 AM
I'm surprise you guys ban so many weapons or buff! I think every weapon and focus are petty munch balanced exept for the SMAW.
What is PR? Is it the explosive weapon wich shoot 4 blue projectile? If so, I would agree to ban it in team, however, i don't think the tourrette is that effective cause it's easy to flash.

Anyway, I like the idea of classes, looks like fun^^
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Pull head from rear plz

overboard like Zeus here did, you take away the freedom and variety of clan wars aka the fun.

Only weapons I stated should be banned are SMAW, and the widowmaker. The rest are for you to confer with your teammates about who should use what. It wouldn't make much sense sense in having the other team choose your teams weapons and loadouts would it???

Yea...was kinda mad at the moment due to "outside" circumstances. Apologies Syn. All I meant by my earlier post is just an encouragement to get clans organized. In my idea every weapon is available for use, as is upgrade with the exception from the list of bans you guys made. But instead of having people use the same weapons I encourage variety. Maybe have the clan leaders ( when they have a match, not at this moment ) get together and confer with their clan about who wants to use what so there are no issues. Then everyone can use different weapons. Idk, if worst comes to worst and my idea was tested and it ruined the fun then clans can always go back to traditional fighting.