B05S vs. FF5

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3 years ago#92
It can't be THAT hard to keep your alts in check, can it Sig?
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3 years ago#93
The 27th works for me.
3 years ago#94
Friday the 27th is looking good for me to backup. Unless someone gets sick, like usual.
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3 years ago#95
Can't do Friday, sorry. School event that's been planned for months.
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3 years ago#96
I'm pretty sure P4G's craving his first clan war matches, so any workable dates other than the 27th
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3 years ago#97
rawrLIKEaB05S__ posted...
Good luck B05S. And Brennan, IDK if you care, but Dylan started playing again.

I just deleted him 5 minutes ago because i thought he retired :P

Oh great!
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3 years ago#98
What about the 29th at 9:00 Eastern?
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3 years ago#99
And is FF5 still even warring?
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3 years ago#100
Who knows Brennan.

And for the next answer, and who said what, all will be revealed on the next episode of "Soap".
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