youtube + conduit 2 = freakin awesome

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3 years ago#11
LigersRule posted...
LeThA169 posted...
Ill try getting a mic as soon as possible
Although im a noob with the wii, what mics are avalible
And can someone explain with detail exactly how it works?
Cus on my 360
I just plug the mic in the controller, how exactly work for wii?

There is only one mic. The PDP Headbanger headset. And it plugs into the Wii.

@Topic: I hope you aren't planning on recording audio through the game. That sounds terrible. It would be better to record audio separately over Skype chat, and then overlay it with the video. I believe that was what Lark did the one time I helped him with a video (The zombies one).

Actually there are other alternatives for mics. As of now, the headbanger set is no longer made. However, there are universal headsets which are pretty much one's only hope these days for a wii mic. I personally recommend the afterglow set. Amazing sound quality. And a very good mic as well.

@lethal it plugs as a usb in the back of the wii.
3 years ago#12
OK everyone! I just got back on Gamefaqs today so I only saw these messages now. I'm surprised at how many people want to do this! I'm going to make up a list on a different thread so we are clear on who wants to be a part of this.

as for the mics: get one if you can, but its not necessary.
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3 years ago#13
Can I do it as well? I posted but nobody responded. :( I have a mic too!
#Can't stop, won't stop!
3 years ago#14
gangsta style yolo swag bruh
3 years ago#15
Sweet thanks P4G!
#Can't stop, won't stop!
3 years ago#16
Oh, I don't know if you can do it Reaper, that was just a quick way of asking if I could. Sorry for the confusion.
gangsta style yolo swag bruh
3 years ago#17
Oh OK.
#Can't stop, won't stop!
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