If one more bad thing happens I am going to go CRAZY!

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I thought it was about 6 years...

I've been on GameFAQs for over 6 years, but the first while of that was spent on the Pre-launch Brawl board and System boards, where you don't ever get to know anyone, and so you never get attached to anyone.

I joined the Conduit community around the same time as Punchy, which was at Launch of The Conduit in July of 2009. That was 4 years and 3 months ago. That was when I started making friendships... and started losing them.

Sometimes though, you have a friend and don't even know it! I respect you Lig...always have even when we don't agree. You speak with your heart and that's a rare thing. Something I admire.

That said, we should swap 3DS codes...less you think you are too good for me, lol...and you should pick up Monster Hunter Tri for it! You have a weapon type that's an instrument! I think you'd dig it!
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