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User Info: Loremas1861

3 years ago#11
ThePrisoner06 posted...
4 Gabes at once, that was unreal but fun!

Looks like Gabe has his own fanclub. Kinda jealous to be honest.
2014 Penta-Penta

User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#12
Yup it was different to say the least Loremas.

Was on trying to level up my bronze account, when two [BPB] Gabes turned up, and then in the next match another two turned up.

Reading the kill list scrolling up the screen, Gabe was getting a Reign of Terror in 5 minutes.

Lucky him.
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User Info: hc-valkiria

3 years ago#13
Wow at this rate bpb gabe could be the new mr ford

User Info: B05S_SCARkid

3 years ago#14
hc-valkiria posted...
Wow at this rate bpb gabe could be the new mr ford

I wish I could have thought up something like that
messaged my friend during work, told him i was on my potty break, he told me i was full of crap
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User Info: Silly_Squirl_G

3 years ago#15
I havent even made a [BPB]Gabe& account yet folks, butstay tuned for info on it :) Now to Foxy with sports.
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