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Forgot to add this in my post, but obviously this has gone long enough. I can't prove my claims against her, but my experience of dealing with hackers on PC games says otherwise. I forfeit my argument and will give up on my statements on the board.
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Green_Berets posted...
I called you out after you called me a SMAW newb. So, I'm not really the bad guy here.

Just so you know, that wasn't saying that you aren't good with the SMAW. That's saying you only use the SMAW, which is the most annoying, overused, easy weapon in the game. Nobody will EVER respect any SMAW users. If you get disrespected, it's because you use the SMAW. And that isn't going to change.

So to recap... SMAW = no respect, Anything else = respect.
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I don't care about respect. Respect is an overstated thing by people by those who will use it against you. I use SMAW to clear out people from swarming my team's area and to make sure my team's area is secured again. Like I said, since there are so many complaining against SMAW usage (it's a weapon, so get used to people using it or be like me and find a way to kill them with a different loadout easily) I decided that I will try to make everyone happy and change my entire loadouts.
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So you decided that calling me an aim bot user makes your "calling me out" a valid claim? Lol
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Valkiria, I thought you would be happy with me dropping the issue. Obviously that isn't enough for you. What will it be for you to stop with the snarky remarks?
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If ur closing this argument, then close the topic.