Okay I know you NTSC people. And m accounts and answers

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JVC-Airtime posted...
JVC-Airtime posted...
Hehehe lol ok what is LCD anyway? I mean is this a big clan with region free?

WAIT LCD what the hell i mean LC

LC is just an NTSC clan, and one of the oldest clans that are still playing. If there are any LC players in UK besides Andy, they aren't the real deal.

The clan is made up of Myself, Jaye, Andy, Chesluk, Symph, Mike, and Keet. In addition to that, past members have an open invitation to join when they play again, so [LC]Rain has recently rejoined.

There is only one person who should ever wear the [LC] tag in PAL, and that is [LC]Andy.
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Plus as a Clan we are not just confined to playing C2.

LC has members that play BO2 and CS:GO and other games.

And our gaming goes across consoles, the Wii, Wii U and PC.
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I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be a joke.


Flattered either way.
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