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User Info: SamanthaKAS

3 years ago#1
We all had a lot of fun versing u guys... Wish we would have praticed a little more before taking u guys on, lol. G3 WINS!!!! (:
(not for sure on the score but we have it recorded if u guys dont have it.)

User Info: The_Mad_Kitten

3 years ago#2
I almost got into your game.
Hi, I'm Venonat. Venonat FC: 3182-0595-9973- [BPB]venonat FC:4986-6699-3607 I am proud of my two Phase Rifles, 5P4K3Y and BL1TZ. Carby, Hivey, ARC, SPAS, SCAR.

User Info: drophyghost

3 years ago#3
Yeah! GGs KAS! You did great! (TPCs everywhere! D:)
And we all had tons of fun too! :D

(no, we didnŽt recorded =( but IŽll definitly watch the videos :D)
Conduit 2 FC: 2881 - 9625 - 3883 =)
BTW, sorry for my English :P

User Info: LolxG3

3 years ago#4
Yeah! GGs KAS! You did great!Ą!!!

User Info: Wasabee

3 years ago#5
GG's KAS!! My respects go out to you all because of how patient you were with the connection problems. Great games overall (although I wasn't in the last one) and hope you guys keep growing :)
Conduit 2 FC: 5072-5409-4120
"Heeeellooooo People!" - Rage #VoteEvanz
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