How does one defend against the carbonizer?

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Use the carbonizer as well. Unless they are more proficient with it. Then use phase. Always works when I use the carby....such good time laser incinerations...then boom! Sniped! :(

That's the only gun I really use in C2(carby). And I still kinda suck with it a lot. :(
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Seems like the only things that can kill are either explosive or a giant laser. Lame
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One cant, but 2 can! No really though, carbonizer becomes less useful against multiple targets. Otherwise through a couple flashes at the guy and kill him until ue dies.
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The best option is it to duck behind cover and charge them when they stop firing. If you aren't hitting a target when you stop firing the Carb, there's a slight delay before you can fire again. Also, Flash Bangs or AR-C work well, because the Carby doesn't have hitmarkers, so even if they hit you they won't know it.
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TMac987654321 posted...
Seems like the only things that can kill are either explosive or a giant laser. Lame

When you get better with other weapons and learn their strengths and weaknesses, everything is relatively even, except SMAW (overpowered) or AEGIS (underpowered). Perks are more poorly balanced than weapons.
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With Supercharger, Metal Legs, and the USP, I usually try to flank them faster than they can turn, while going for headshots with the USP.
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Adding to this

Speed control point.
Nerf their speed, buff yours.
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Bunny hop in his face. Works for me.
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