The next C2 TCON match.

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User Info: xXAISPXx

3 years ago#51
ThePrisoner06 posted...
GG's as well AISP. At least me and you and Keet managed to get online, and I enjoyed the brief time I was online, even if that hacker Dragon was on.

Going to set up a new thread for the next meet up.

Dragon was hacking? Nothing seemed inordinate to me.
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User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#52
Yeah he was, its a pity I wasnt recording as would have got the shot of him jumping through a wall in the match in Sanctum.

But he was able to be killed, despite his hacking. Stuck a rad on him and just waited....
NNID - AndyInTheUK. Now writing the complete Cryptography for Conduit 2.
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