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User Info: JVC-Airtime

3 years ago#1
The match today? I'm up for it are you lot?

User Info: JVC-Ashura

3 years ago#2
Haha! As i told you on our forum, i thought you did it last week! I don't think anyone is ready for this but I can joina match anytime today

User Info: The21stgun

3 years ago#3
I sense a rivalry...
Stay Furry Forever!
Xbox GT: XWARXSWITCHX C2 FC (FoxyGrampa) 3053-4662-4517 | Conduit 2 Website: http://conduit2gaming.weebly.com/index.html

User Info: Lepticoco

3 years ago#4
I can't play today

User Info: JVC-Ashura

3 years ago#5
oups, i didnt mean to sound sarcastic or whatever^^. I posted my message in [JVC] forum around the same time that i posted here.

Anyway, if this match against KAS can't be done today i'd like to play with you a little...

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