I played last night and NONE OF U WERE ON! :(

#21_SignalPosted 10/28/2013 2:10:36 PM
Interestingly I played last night and NONE OF U WERE ON!

Just me, Nightfire, and Ventus.

Then I made a GGs thread... and it got removed, LOL.
We're on top for now!
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drophyghost posted...
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drophyghost posted...
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My daughter was on FFA last night, her IGN is ^.^

Oh, and everyone, she is NOT my real daugther, but I love her so much she is like my daughter <3 Im kind of her bodyguard :3 But im not daating her either

Can I be her bodyguard too? ^ ^
I like following people and helping them ^ ^

If you meet her in real life, maybe :3

In C2 lol
Does she needs a bodyguard in real life? :O

I am her bodygaurd in real life. Sure, she is a little distant, but I protect her cyberly and sometimes in Real Life, not a lot of people like her preferences >:(

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Silly_Squirl_G posted...
He has a YT, so its obviously not fake. But the twin part is a joke

Ah, thanks for clearing it up.
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