Phase Rifle Battle Starts at 5!

#1CmoIsDaNam3Posted 11/2/2013 12:39:57 PM
The battle starts at 5! If you want in tell me your fc! Mine is in the last thread if you want to join.

Starts at 5:00 PM EST! Add me on Skype if you want in the commentary to, which this will be recorded and posted to YouTube. :)

See you there
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#2The21stgunPosted 11/2/2013 12:42:27 PM
Im gonna donate my scope, noscope tiiiime!
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#3drophyghostPosted 11/2/2013 12:55:41 PM
K! Add me! ^ ^
(My cousin will be here so Im not sure if Ill be able to make it... :s)
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BTW, sorry for my English :P