Shen's Poll of the Day: Day 60- C2 compared to other recent shooters

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@OmegaCoDShotgunner: The OmegaShin is jelly cause he has a tiny dangalang.

Rofl, u just mad b/c I got one
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C2 rules ^ ^
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To be fair, I don't own any of the games on the poll, I just wanted people's opinions. I personally love Conduit 2, but it pails compared to other games. While it's a great game at heart, there's too many outside problems for it to win against more "polished" games.
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CoD if I had to make a choice, but C2 when the condidtions are right is MUCH more fun than CoD any day. :D

Also, your next poll should be this: If Conduit 2 was to borrow from another game, what would it be? That would be cool I think. :)
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