Its been a week since I was last on

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And its going to be another week :(

So when im back, anyone want to 1v1? Someoe? Please? ._,

This saddens me ;(
May I ask why we have to wait a whole week before we are blessed with your presence?

Any how the good news is you will return in another week so it's not all bad :)

Dont wanna talk about it :( But was yet another head incident. All is good though, my daughter ^.^ gave me a surprise visit and gave me a biiiiig hug! (and a chocolate bar x3) ^^

Aww, how sweet! :D

A biiiiig hug from a loved one can cure just about anything....chocolate helps too :)

KAS looks forward to your return :D

Hang in there....

Thanks! :3 *wolf hugsI
Stay Furry Forever!
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