Why to bring the SMAW out into my loadouts

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Okay, so I said I removed the SMAW, but it is coming back into my. This guy named Surge just spawn camps with the Widowmaker Turret, so I needed a huge over-powered thing to take it out. Also, these Dark-Star users are infuriating. I can dodge and jump over the black holes, but I hate when they are inside of them to shield themselves. One hit to the ground, suck that explosive in! By the way, if your team tries to suck you in to it to shield you, if you have an AEGIS device, you can push it back and it will slide you forward, but you will slow it and not get inside.

LOL, I was in a game with you and when you were getting beat you rage quit and came back with the smaw.

Wow GB, why be a noob? Smh.
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