December's C2 TCON Match.

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User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#1
As we are now coming to the end of November, its time to start planning December's TCON night.

The date that I am thinking of, is the week-end of the 6th and 7th December at 8pm or 9pm EST.

And yet again there will be every chance that I may record certain matches. Plus by then I should have the addition of Wii Speak.

And will now also start organizing an informal TCON clan war, as brought up recently by Play4God, between [LC] and B05S.

Let the battle and fun commence.
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User Info: CmoIsDaNam3

3 years ago#2
Sure, i'll join, should be fun, also, i got Wii Speak to, and i'll record as well. :)
Conduit, More, Often.
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