The Conduit Revolution Game Mode

#1The21stgunPosted 11/29/2013 9:52:16 PM
Something I made up :3 This is What it is:

On VIP game mode, two teams with shotguns will fight on Pentagon Prime.


Stay in streets
No Running
No Scoping
No Lock-On
No Using Cover

The battle begins as a team meets each other by walking to them. When teams first fire, they can only fire three times before getting closer. The goal is to protect the VIP that will command you (signal advancing by firing a Phase Rifle) Once within 15 Meters, you can only Melee. The VIP can only melee too. If you died, you may run back in action, but must walk upon seeing conflict.

Goal: Kill the VIP

So what yall think? Fun? This war was all the rage in my youth. I'll never forget when Revre told me the regulars were coming...
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