my accuracy will.....

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That's a huge difference. I went from 24" box TV to 39" flatscreen. That was a fair bit to adjust to, but a 51", yikes.

Lol ikr I feel like a freaking noob when it comes to accuracy

I'd just make an alt until you adjust. Then you don't have to worry about your stats and/or reputation being harmed.


I wouldn't even worry about it.
I play on different screens somewhat frequently.
Gamepad screen, 32" and 55"

You'll adapt fast.

Gamepad is too small, and too far for me (unless I'm using the CCP) to use effectively. ):

The sensor bar is too small, so the effective range of the wii remote is very small also.

You just need to get in a nice firm position, so that your wii remote never wanders outside of the sweet spot.
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