What is your C2 play style....

#21G3_RazorPosted 12/17/2013 8:01:36 AM
I'm kind've all around, but in a non-laggy game without SMAW, and XG4 or Valk, It has to be being a sniper, no-scopes, Ub3r Snipers, hard scopes, quick-scopes, etc. I love getting some awesome shots on people, even though I don't record, it's satisfying. Also, I kind've like scar and Spas, but I love my stealth scar loadout on Pentagon Prime, and Crash site. I never liked Carbonizer users, therefor I don't like using it, even though you just mow them down.
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#22Green_BeretsPosted 12/17/2013 8:06:57 AM
Well, you know me. I've gotten a lot of reputation from mine if you were here the last few months. lol

I consider my style a "Special Operations" and "Assualter/Sniper" player. I tend to study the best players loadouts, take theirs and turn mine against theirs. When it comes to charging in, I have the right loadout to cover my team and take out the most powerful players. I make sure to dodge the black holes and take out the Dark Star users. And don't get me started about the SMAW spammers. They suffer a lot from me taking them down.

As for the Sniper, I make sure I cover my team as much as I can. I perch wherever my team heads and take out any enemies sneaking up on them. Also I tend to make sure to double tap everyone before I heal that way we will be safer. So, there is me.
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