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3 years ago#21
like2nap posted...

You're welcome :) I haven't checked the specs on that router. Did you mention that you wanted to use it for gaming when you talked to them? Because you would want one where you can forward your ports and all that jazz. Maybe even get one with QOS (quality of service) as well. If NAT type is a concern, it make take some tweaking on the phone and on the router to get a moderate or open NAT. IDK. I haven't used an Iphone. I used an MBR900 and MBR95 cradlepoint routers with different modems/hotspots. Each setup, even wired or wireless, took different tweaking of both the modems, and the routers to get a moderate or open nat type. I can help you figure out anything you need with getting it to work when I have spare time. Though those 3gstore folks are pretty darn good. You can also post stuff on their forums and search their forums for answers. Some routers you may even need to change the firmware on as certain firmwares are better for gaming. I'm using the MBR95 right now and I had to downgrade the firmware to get a better gaming experience.

Of course now I don't have to worry about that. I finally moved into civilization last month and got cable internet. I got tired of the data cap I had with Verizon.

I really do appreciate all the help. Thanks again. I may be calling on you more.

Yep, I did tell them it was for gaming with a Wii, that my carrier was AT&T, and that I had an iPhone 4S. He said that people had successfully used this setup with the iPhone and the Wii, so I'm pretty hopeful.

Unfortunately the iPhone does not give you much room for tweaking unless you're willing to jailbreak it, which I'd really rather not do. I'd probably go the SOHO route before I did that.

I got an email that it had been delivered today so I should know something by Saturday or Sunday. My first night at the new place is planned for Saturday.

No matter what, I'm sure I will miss my 16 ms ping. It's gonna be a long time before I get back to civilization. They'll probably be making the Xboxone-and-three-quarters by then.

I'll keep you posted.
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3 years ago#22
Glad to see its all working out. Also, Sig, i've been wondering...

Do you have a Skype account? i would like to add you on there if you do, mine is xshottyspas.
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3 years ago#23
I have to research everything you guys write here. Jeesh.
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3 years ago#24
Ain't ya glad I decided to randomly check the C2 board? lol

3 years ago#25
I forgot to mention something. If you buy a 4G mobile hotspot that works with AT&T's network, and get a cradlepoint for that, it will always work better than your phone. You have to pay for the extra device on your plan though. If you can find a hotspot that will connect to your cradlepoint router via USB and turn the hotspot into a modem, that will work even better.

See the hotspot is basically a modem and a router. Some cradlepoints connect to such hotspots wireless and use that connection. I think they call it wifi over wan or something like that. Anyway, that works, but if you can get a hotspot that will connect to the router VIA usb, the hotspot's router functionality will shut off and it just becomes a modem with the sole job of grabbing your 4G signal. Then the cradlepoint takes over all routing responsibilities.

Even better is if you can find a 4G usb modem that works with At&T and connect that to the router via USB. That is the best scenario for overall stability, but definitely the best for gaming and what i eventually ended up using with Verizon up until last month when I moved. You can connect to those modems and make changes (usually) and tweak the router to your liking.
3 years ago#26
For Dug:

Just be glad that you don't have to figure this stuff out, LOL.

For Cmo:

I don't really mess with Skype because usually I'm on a "work" laptop, and they won't let Skype be installed because it's considered a security risk. I could put it on my phone, but what a hassle that keyboard is, so sorry, I don't really do the Skype thing. (Dug says I'm old fashioned).

For Nap:

I am certainly glad that you checked here. I understand about 98% of what you just said here. I think the USB connection, the last one you mentioned, was the second suggestion that they had. Here it is:

Anyway, if I understand what you're saying, this is a good way to go as well.

Thanks again. Will keep you updated.
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3 years ago#27
signalbatgirl posted...
For Dug:

They won't let Skype be installed because it's considered a security risk.

What did you say was your job again??? ~ Just relax...
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3 years ago#28
I just glanced at the specs, but I believe that will work just fine. I don't think it will work connected directly to the Wii though. You will steed need a cradlepoint router that is compatible with it.

I hope you already checked for 4G coverage in that area! ;)

That was one big mistake I made when I bought my first house. I didn't check for DSL or Cable. I just assumed they had it because they had it in town. The cable lines ended two miles from my house. I moved for a few reasons, but getting cable was the number one reason.

Random thought: If you have a lot of trees around you, be prepared to lose signal when they are in full bloom. I found that out this year. Apparently lots of leaves can block a 4G signal (at least on Verizon's network). I found out when the tree in our front yard doubled it's volume after a ton of rain this year. My signal tanked. Took the laptop outside and walked past the tree. Got signal. Walked behind the tree and the signal instantly dropped. 3:00am and I'm walking around the yard trying to get a signal.... That was my breaking point. Instead of cutting down the tree I just moved. lol
3 years ago#29
Kn0x_Games posted...
signalbatgirl posted...
For Dug:

They won't let Skype be installed because it's considered a security risk.

What did you say was your job again???

I will pm you.

But then of course I'll have to kill you.

My real name is Emma Peel

LOL, nah. Lets just say I work somewhere that we have to be really careful with our electronic information. Oh, yeah, it's not Target, LOL.


Thanks for looking at it. I'll probably have a chance to mess with it Saturday night or Sunday. Saturday is the first night that I'm sleeping there. With Christmas so close, presents to wrap, cards to send, and a house guest arriving Saturday with two parrots and a dog, I may be too busy to fool with it for a day or two.

Yeah, there is 4G service there, but only AT&T. I may have to move around in the house to get the best signal. The house is stucco, which is basically a thin steel and concrete cage. Moving from one room to another can make a big difference. The nearest cell tower is less than half-a-mile away, but not line of sight and there are a lot of trees, I guess we'll see. If I disappear in the spring you guys will know I'm chopping down trees!

I'm actually thankful it's not line of sight, because the strobe on the top of that thing is really bright. I should take a video of it.
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3 years ago#30
_Signal posted...

But then of course I'll have to kill you.

My real name is Emma Peel

;) ~ Just relax...
My FC is ~ 9678-7706
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