Montages for C2 is Sad (Clips & Editing)

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Signal, I think you are mixing up Machinama with Montages.

If you look at montages in the gaming realm, you don't see a story line like that, if the closest thing you are gonna get in that is a theme in the montage like headshots only, or shotgun only or something like that. (Even fighter gaming montages, A.K.A combo videos or highlight videos are like this)

Also, if you look montages in the sense of films, they don't have a story line like that, they are just a collection of scenes of someone failing over and over again until they get something right.

However, machinama has this, it has a story line like this where there is a climax and a resolution, after all, all they are are just comedies or drama shows made with the game.

Also, to Valk, that could be it, but the last point of people not wanting to make them because its not inspiring isn't true, because there are plenty of people in the CoD scene who wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for someone else doing it, it just has to do with the type of crowd, and C2 doesn't have that crowd, which sucks. (Which also points back the my main point of people not caring enough or at all ironically enough)

I understand what machinama is, and I'm not suggesting that we turn montages into staged acting. I'm merely saying why most montages don't appeal to me personally, and what I would strive for were I to undertake creating one.

What about a montage of bad hit detection, or of kills while the opponent is invisible?

There are lots of possibilities for making montages more interesting without having to create an entire plotline.

If you've ever tried to setup a video camera on a tripod to record Christmas morning or a Thanksgiving Dinner, you realize that it's pretty unwatchable. This is largely because of the static nature of the POV. This hurts the montages as well.

I agree. If one looks at montage kills on their own, they're monotonous and boring. Thats y effects are so important. A good example is the cod montages. The kills themselves are amazing so effects make it even better. But in cod, I have yet to see a shooting star or quickdraw spas shot. Basically, improve the kills, improve the montages.
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If I ever made Montages, they'd look like this: a compilation of entertaining clips.

And a little less like this:
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TrustTheMedic posted...
If I ever made Montages, they'd look like this: a compilation of entertaining clips.

And a little less like this:

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