B05S Hardcore practice Wednesday and Thursday. (non-members welcome)

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9:00 PM Eastern on Wednesday and 8:00 PM Eastern on Thursday. I'd like for as many B05S members that can make it to come, but non-members are also welcome.

Since we are practicing for the upcoming B05S vs. G3 war, the bans will be the same: Double Ballistics, Double Energy, PR Tuning, Reverse Damage, SMAW, Widow Spec, Explosive Focus

It's been so long since Ive played Conduit 2. Should I try out for the clan or am I considered still in it

You're still in it, but you need to have an account with a clan tag.

Ok thanks. I won't let you down in clan wars either Brennan.
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My parents kicked me off. I'll be back tomorrow though, hopefully. I know I need the practice, now.
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Keet may come tonight.
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