Day 67 Conduit 2 Map Detail Analysis - The Tank in Pentagon.

#11xXAISPXxPosted 3/26/2014 1:06:17 PM
I knew somebody mentioned that Chain likes to observe Samu's every move...
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You know who was the original tank ? My friend Skozo. What a great guy. I mean having to pick from having the map tank or him...I'd take him hands down.

I still wonder how he is doing. I don't do Facebook and never will, but Jaye and he were talking on it. Jaye even offered him a job on the Rig he manages. I often wish Skozo well and wonder what became of him.

I've known him for awhile ...we first became friends over at Portal and though his time on this board was short, he was familiar, fun, and a friend. I was very happy when he joined. He's just a class act of a person, got dumped on by the world but kept at it, though sad at times. I miss him.

This is also why I think the world of Jaye. They say a true judge of a persons character is what they offer a stranger when they have nothing to gain. Jaye offered much....and that both impressed me and made me greatful for someone decent trying to look after a friend.

The internet is full of drama, bs and then yet more drama. Introduce clans and cliqs and it magnifies. While few are saints in their internet takes way more patience than I have....Jaye (and a few of the rest of you ) I consider true friends by what they offer in real life. If there was only some sort of Moss filter to see the world by....perhaps those views would be shared. of my oddest moments on this board was also one of my most lucid when I offered to fly Jaye down here for a fight, lol...wanted to see how my out of shape(?) butt worked against a guy a few years my junior who's vastly experienced in MA. There was no bad blood there at all. I just know a guy in Madison who runs the Mad Town Be funny if we both had C2 on our wraps and trunks! It was my way of trying to practice what I preach as I think of Jaye as my younger brother I never had the opportunity to have fun with...and oddly....fighting is fun to me, well in a least it use to be. So in short hand, I'm not nuts lol....and as our converstIon branched from that topic...I'd settle for camping...or heck even a game of mass effect, lol

This board, toxic as it is sometimes now, is an
old board. With old friendships. It will never become the next zoids board by randoms or Falcon or who ever.....because long after everyone leaves I'll still be here and I believe in report karma...So whoever is reporting Signal and the others (recently saw Naps post removed.) grow up....or better yet, just go away.
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Mossy, do you reckon a time when Skozo may have stopped playing?
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#15old_man_mossyPosted 3/27/2014 1:00:23 PM
Yeah it's been two plus years ago.....his wii was stolen he moved back home, and was messing with the fams PS3 and a Batman game multiplayer....been awhile since he checked in here though.

He hasn't played in a long, long time though. His visits are only slightly more frequent
A big part of me tries very hard to behave. A small part of me laughs at the effort and behaves like an ass, anyway.
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I've only seen him post here once.
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old_man_mossy posted...
So in short hand, I'm not nuts lol....

Old friend Mossy,

The first step in getting better is realizing that you have a problem, LOL

I remember that night pretty clearly, and as a third party/innocent bystander it seemed pretty crazy. I don't think initially anyone took you seriously. But I get where you were coming from now.


Also, regarding the modding, I went to the Ask a mod forum to discuss the GGs situation. They told me that the enforcement of GGs threads has not changed. GGs threads have always been considered off-topic, are were always deleted when marked. So, that's what had to have changed here... the marking.
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