Personal C2 Clan War Stats

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So, since I have recorded all of the clan wars I have participated in, I am able to access most of my personal stats throughout the wars, as a way of seeing how I've improved and also because it's interesting.

Clan War stats

180 kills-116 deaths (1.6 KDR)
3-1 War count
.750 win %
9-2 map count
.818 win %

With -HC-: 0-1 (1-2 map count)
With G3: 1-0 (2-0 map count)
With B05S: 2-0 (6-0 map count)

-HC- vs. AER
Streets: 13-15
Whiteout: 8-15
Crash Site: 15-11
On average: 12 kills, 13.7 deaths
Result: 1-2 L

B05S vs. FF5
Streets: 18-5
Crash Site: 13-10
Whiteout: 19-9
On average: 16.7 kills, 8 deaths
Result: 3-0 W

G3 vs. KAS
Crash Site: 18-13
Streets: 19-7
On average: 18.5 kills, 10 deaths
Result: 2-0 W

B05S vs. JVC
Crash Site: 21-9
Streets: 15-12
Serenity: 21-10
On average: 19 kills, 10.3 deaths
Result: 3-0 W

Averaging the whole
16.4 kills, 10.5 deaths
Margin of victory:
15.0 kills (per map)
41 kills (per war)
Upward trend: lost two first maps of competition, won last 9

Map averages
Streets: 16.3 kills, 9.8 deaths
Crash Site: 16.8 kills, 10.8 deaths
Whiteout: 13.5 kills, 12 deaths
Serenity: 21 kills, 10 deaths (One match played)

Do any of you have access to all of your clan war stats? If so, feel free (but not required) to post them below.

Also, I hate to seem like I'm bragging. I still have plenty of things to work on and quite a bit of room for improvement.
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I like how my favorite map (Whiteout) is used in Clan Wars.
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I actually really don't like Whiteout. I think it's very one sided; the 8-15 game was from the blue side and the 19-9 from the red side. For pubs, however, it's fine most of the time.

Also, bit of a fun fact about the AER war: the loss to AER actually did not negatively impact overall margin of victory, since the last map was won by 18 kills, overcoming the margin of defeat for the first two maps combined, 13.
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B05S_P4G posted...
I actually really don't like Whiteout. I think it's very one sided;

Speak for yourself and your playstyle ie rushing headlong
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Good for you, TC.
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I have no idea my stats, but I can tell you this. I think I would hold the all time most assists record for clan wars. Other than my stats are pretty much garbage.
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