Day 64 Conduit 2 Map Detail Analysis: The Armor Displays in Sanctum Prime

#1_SignalPosted 3/26/2014 6:12:33 PM
Like anything, after seeing something for so long, you no longer notice it. I had to watch a video to remember what the armor in the display cases in Sanctum Prime even looked like. Well, thatís a little bit of an understatement. I had to watch several videos to get a decent look at The Armor Displays in both bases, and then I had to play on the map to look even closer.

Both Armor Displays consist of three panels. Each panel appears to contain the same armor pieces. The cases in the red team base all have armor for the upper body; chest pieces and shoulders.

The Armor Display in the blue team base is different. There you will find some creepy-looking helmets.

If there was one person here that knew a lot about armor, it was Changlini. He username kept coming up when I was searching for information on armor.

I've always thought that initially the design team had in mind that those armors would be accessible to us, but they just ran out of time. Imagine that you could upgrade your armor or helmet during the match by going there, making it sort of an ammo locker for armor. That would have been pretty cool.

As the Sanctum Prime map stands, Iím not really sure what function the main structure even served. Perhaps as a rally point for the troops?

What are your thoughts about the Armor Displays? Would you have liked to be able to access it? Does it add to the Sanctum Prime map and the game in general?

Please contribute. Thanks.
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I can't feel my arms. Armor is cool, though.
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