Day 61 Conduit 2 Map Detail Analysis: Under the Stairs in Streets Prime

#1_SignalPosted 3/30/2014 7:53:59 PM
When I started playing Conduit 2 online, the HVS45 was one of the first weapons I bought from the store. I didnít think my accuracy was very good with any weapon, so I wanted something with a lot of punch if I did land a hit.

Obviously the HVS45 didnít make me feel any better about my accuracy, and that was before I really understood the differences between ďhipfireĒ and alt fire.

Whenever I could find a place on the map to hide, and surprise someone with a powerful shot, thatís what I did.

Whenever the Streets Prime map came up in a pub, I headed straight Under the Stairs in the garage that was closer, armed with my trusty HVS45. Then I would wait patiently for some unsuspecting player to run by and try to pop them before they saw me.

Now, mind you back then I thought camping always meant a tent and no bathroom, and even today I donít really consider what I did to be camping. I really was hiding, LOL. I didnít last very long out in the open.

It wasnít long before I realized that itís not such a good hiding place. Everyone seemed to know about it. One match, Cold_night found me there every time I went there, but I think he knew I was hiding because he didnít shoot me.

I still like ducking under the stairs from time to time, especially if Iím pretty low on health and just need a place to stop for a moment. I think the maps need more hiding spots like this. If there were more of them, it wouldnít be so obvious where to look.

What do you think of the spot Under the Stairs in Streets Prime? Have you ever hidden there? Do you still hide there? Do you think spots like that make the game more fun?

Please contribute. Thanks.
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