Day 57 Conduit 2 Map Detail Analysis: The Arch in Whiteout and Avalanche

#1_SignalPosted 4/3/2014 2:01:09 PM
Itís time for more overlooks.

Whiteout and Avalanche have several prominent features including its structures, the pit, and the tunnels, but one of my favorite features of these two maps is The Arch.

Leading up from one of the spawn points and overlooking about a quarter of the map is The Arch.

The Arch gives you a somewhat protected vantage point over the red team base and at least two of the red teamís spawn points, the Health Control Point, the inside of one of the structures, a small patch of open ground commonly fought in near the crashed ship, as well as one of the approaches to the Speed Control Point. Itís not my favorite spot to hang out in Whiteout, but itís on the list.

I say somewhat protected because youíre vulnerable to a sneak attack by someone coming up the incline from near the crashed ship. Iíve been startled many times to round that corner and be face-to-face with someone from the other team.

Derpy is particularly stealthy and has caught me overlooking the red base with my guard down many, many times.

Even someone attempting a frontal assault running up the side facing the red base can be difficult to hit because of the rapid change in elevation and curving nature of that approach.

Of course, you can always jump off the arch to escape, or suicide depending on the state of your health.

I think The Arch is a great feature on this map and it really makes the map more fun.

What do you think? Does The Arch make this map more fun? Would you like to see more features like it in other maps? Are you more likely to attack from, or be attacked at The Arch?

Please contribute. Thanks.
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#2Silent_NexusPosted 4/3/2014 2:58:51 PM
Again, another location decent for sniping or an ambush from above. I use is many times for sniping on the Red-Team when I was on the Blue-Team or sniping the Blue-Team when they tried to take my control point. Or I just drop down from above so I'm in a position behind them to attack them with a Hive Cannon or a Carbonizer.

Fun Fact: You can actually stand and crouch on the other side of the rock, keeping you partially safe from careless players while you have at your sniping shenanigans.

One of my favorite parts on one of my favorite maps.
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#3ThePrisoner06Posted 4/4/2014 8:11:58 AM
That arch can be very handy regardless of what side you are playing on.

Its a brilliant spot for any PR sniper, but can also be used very effectively by anyone carrying a SMAW.

Only a couple of days ago I was standing up there and took out Keet with my Shrieker as he was standing on the roof of building next to the crashed ship, with his PR.

And that arch is a very good standing point when playing Invasion mode, as I find its very handy and enemies have to make their way up to you.

As for Derpy, he is very good with the USP, and used to be found playing HC more than BTGB, and was normally quite lethal when using the USP. On the whole, a good all round player, and a good friend as well.
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#4DerppopotamusPosted 4/4/2014 10:21:26 AM
_Signal posted...
Derpy is particularly stealthy and has caught me overlooking the red base with my guard down many, many times.

Andy forgot to remind me to eat this morning, but he did send me a link to this. Thank you for the mention c;
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