Day 56 Conduit 2 Map Detail Analysis: The Fissure in Whiteout and Avalanche

#1_SignalPosted 4/8/2014 7:16:33 PM
Another thread about Whiteout/Avalanche. Iíve always thought The Fissure was an interesting feature of the map.

Iíve always been intrigued by the Fissure. There is a narrow path leading around it, but watch your step. The path is covered with snow. One false step and you slip to your doom. A bridge spans The Fissureís width, and is also the home of the ASE in single flag CTF matches. The bottom is perfectly flat, and as far as I know, any fall results in a death-crumple. Because of that, itís an enigma that it has a bottom at all.

Among the interesting tactical aspects of The Fissure is that it provides a spatial barrier preventing enemies from approaching one another while still allowing clear shots at one another. But this is tough scoped, because of the nature of the ledge.

The Fissure is a convenient place to suicide if you find yourself in a pinch, and itís also possible to jump the width of The Fissure by leaping from the top of one of the structures. I saw Devileye do this once. It took me several tries, and I donít always make it. Perhaps itís dependent on the Speed Control Point, Iím not sure.

The Fissure is one of the interesting features of these maps.

Do you think The Fissure makes the map more fun? Would you like to see other features like this in other maps?

Please contribute. Thank you.
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#2Silent_NexusPosted 4/9/2014 1:05:41 AM
I have died more times accidentally jumping/walking backwards into that chasm than I would like to admit.
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