Day 55 Conduit 2 Map Detail Analysis: The Edge of the Precipice

#1_SignalPosted 4/8/2014 7:17:38 PM
Precipice has the reputation for being the glitchiest map of the game, but itís still one of my favorite maps to play on. Thereís just something otherworldly about it, and all the levels create a very vertical game, which is nice for a change.

Maybe itís just because it looks like the Planet of the Apeís Forbidden Zone, but I love the view.

The Edge of the precipice is an interesting map feature, because with the exception of two support pylons, itís essentially an uninterrupted straight line running the full length of the map, representing the edge of the map and a grisly death if you dare cross it. Only the pedestals of Agartha/Abyss share that boundary property.

Firefights frequently take place on the terrace near The Edge, probably due to the proximity of the Speed Control Point. Itís a long flat area with sparse cover, so itís pretty good for several different weapons and play-styles.

The first person that I saw fall over The Edge was Drift2Nova. He was just there, and then he was gone! Maybe he thought something was down there, LOL.

I try to avoid getting too close to The Edge because when bullets start flying and bombs start exploding, Iím terrible about remembering my immediate surroundings.

And that little wall on The Edge, the one thatís about two feet tall, well I think they just put it there so that when you stumble over The Edge you go head first!

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