1337 Status!

#1DocDragonPosted 4/27/2014 5:55:27 PM
Well, it has finally happened. After a LOT of effort, a lot of matches and a lot of dealing with the games most aggravating elements, I have FINALLY hit Rank 45 and obtained 1337 Status! I can FINALLY say goodbye to people host-advantaging so hard it's impossible to stand against them, morons that can't tell the difference between Deathmatch and Stock, Glitches that hold up matches for up to minutes because the objective won't capture or the ASE won't get picked up or something else got messed up and lastly, my own connection deciding it doesn't want to connect to anything and kicking me out of a match that I'd just scored 2000 points in.

Now, I'm still gonna be around if anyone needs my assistance with anything, to be a punching/shooting/other-method-of-killing bag for something(I know I personally still need to do my Ub3r Snip3rs if anyone wants to help with that), I'm just done with the public matchmaking. If anyone wants to recruit me for something, just send me a PM and I'll lend my assistance.

So lastly, I want to say thank you to everyone who's helped me out in getting all the MP achievements, you've all been great people. Thank you again, and farewell C2 Public MP.
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You're welcome.
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