Wow... What an active community!

#1Mawingu21Posted 5/6/2014 10:40:30 PM
I have to say, I am a bit taken back. Never did I think to find such an active community for this game! Good job everyone!

I played the The Conduit when it first came out and got pretty good at the multiplayer - enjoyed it quite a bit. About a year ago got Conduit 2 where it sat around until just a few days ago. Figured with the shutdown I better get to playing it while there is still time! Went online tonight and was shocked about being paired up with like 10 other people! When are usually good times to go on? Is there a particular game that gets more love? Also, how active is The Conduit multiplayer these days?
#21PefrogPosted 5/7/2014 5:41:43 AM
It should be active from now until the shutdown. Most nights are good. Saturdays too.
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