How I think conduit 3 is happen

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User Info: Andrew_Klonsky

2 years ago#1
I think the conduit 3 coming out of wiiU is the story after you defeat adam, trust soldiers destroy the alatis and you find a new loction for your hide out and a robrot adams, which adams made if he died, he be stronger then ever then old adams, and the presendent help you defeat the robot adams
the Klonskinator

User Info: LigersRule

2 years ago#2
There's no money for C3. Sorry.
*Insert 25 wit here*

User Info: Shooter613

2 years ago#3
the Klonskinator
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User Info: Carl_Kolchak

2 years ago#4
Sorry I haven't been playing Andrew, I had to go Las Vegas to clean up some messy business problems. My boss has been having the fits!

The part of C3 which I think will be most exciting is to be fighting alongside Georg Washington! I want that armor!

And for the space battles!
I am called Kolchak and my Conduit 2 freind code is 0133-4810-2595
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