Does anyone fully understand what the numbers in the play clock mean?

#1_SignalPosted 5/26/2014 7:21:20 PM
I'm talking about the clock inside C2.

For my 3 most recent accounts, here are the play times as displayed on the screen:

36: 335704:14

FF5: 0-24240:22:4

[D-S]ignal: 28075:59

I think the timers may be glitched. The only thing that makes sense about this is that the numbers for my FF5 and D-S accounts are smaller than 36.

What doesn't make sense:

1. The 0- in the FF5 account.
2. That my FF5 account and D-S account appear to be similar. I only played one war with my D-S account, and played with FF5 for months last fall.
3. The numbers in the 36 account can't be minutes:seconds. If that were true it represents over 5,000 hours. That is impossible. It's also unlikely that it represents seconds and some smaller division of seconds, because that would only be 93 hours. Perhaps a reasonable amount of playtime for many players, but I put in about 40 hours in the last 5 days alone.

Anyway, if anyone has ideas about how the times work, I'd appreciate it.
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#2eig7htyPosted 5/27/2014 4:03:08 PM
I think its just buggy. eig7hty has a play time of 370664:44 while the other two I have are actually normal. A lot of the accounts I've played on had bugged up play times.
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