Sniper Tourney results, settings, and other ramblings

#1_SignalPosted 5/26/2014 7:48:05 PM
It's too bad that we didn't get to play the final round of the sniper tourney, but perhaps we can continue it, assuming that there is interest among the four of us to continue.

I wanted to commend Cmo on his settings for these matches. While the settings favor GB matches they still work pretty well for HC as long as everyone is playing with the Strike Rifle and HVS, even if they do power up the SR a bit. At least that was my impression.

In my experience, the health was too low and the speed too high for guys running around with the USP or the shotty, however.

For AISP, Chain, and Nightfire:

I'm totally up for continuing the sniper tourney if the Wiimmfi server works out. What about you guys?
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#21PefrogPosted 5/27/2014 5:47:01 AM
Nightfire would love to make it, but as his agent, I know, it would take a lot of shuffling around of his schedule. Between photo shoots, autograph signings and paid appearances, he is a busy person. I think that an agreement can be reached, but we're going to need to see monetary encouragement. I look forward to negotiating with you.

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#3FF5ommerPosted 5/27/2014 5:32:45 PM
I'll wager 400 Quatloos on the newcomer.