Thinking of getting this mainly for the SP.

#11_SignalPosted 6/11/2014 8:31:17 PM
It sounds like maybe they're not Pancake's favorite games, but some people do enjoy them.

From what I understand there aren't that many motion control shooters out there. I'd love to hear an unbiased comparison of the controls to GE's controls.

As soon as I find a copy of GE I'm picking it up, but it will be difficult for my review to be unbiased, LOL.
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I think I'll pick up the games for a low price. Thanks for the input everybody. Although it seems I may have got more out of it with the online.

_Signal posted...
From what I understand there aren't that many motion control shooters out there. I'd love to hear an unbiased comparison of the controls to GE's controls.

Never played Conduit 2 so I can't really compare. That said there are a lot of settings for customization. For starters you're given the choice of Wii Remote and Nunchuk, Wii Zapper, Classic Controller Pro, Classic Controller, and GameCube Controller. As far as button layout goes you can only pick layouts (non customizable) unfortunately. For Wii Remote there are a lot of layouts so you'll more than likely find something that will fit you.

Unfortunately there isn't a lot of layout choices for Zapper, CC, and GCN. Although the default ones work pretty well. There are also separate layouts for CC and CCP.

As far as pointer settings go you have dead zone settings, turning speed settings, max turning speed zone, cursor sensitivity, Y axis viewing style, gesture sensitivity, and the screen moving with the cursor. You can adjust these settings for both hip fire and aiming down sights. It also has aim assist (auto aim aimbot style), but that's only for offline games.

Of course there are some presets there to get you started. From beginner like never played a video game style to very experienced with FPS and prefer twitchy style presets. Once you find a preset you like you can make adjustments however you like. Just invest some time in it and you'll get something that will work for you. Perfect example would be this video. This guy has very sensitive settings, and plays it perfectly.
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Guns are boring

Uh? :0
I actually like the guns... Not all of them, but I do have a lot of fun with some :3

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I didnīt really enjoyed C2īs campaign much, but Iīve heard TConīs is way better...
Although TCon doesnīt has invasion mode, which is bad if you want to play with a friend :/
If you donīt, then I would probably just recommend TCon (even if I havenīt played it hahaha)
(I did played the online multiplayer, and the controls, guns, etc... were nice, so the campaign must be nice too ^ ^)

C2 does have a few nice stuff too... Like... You can run, lol
Invasion mode... Kinda broken, tho, but Iīve had a good time with plenty of friends when playing it, anyways :)
And a few more cool (<-- opinion) guns like a sniper that shoots through walls, a shield that allows you to throw the bullets back, a gun that shoots a black whole (yeah :0) a nice auto/manual turret, etc...
Oh, and if you like using the Wii Mote, then you would probably like the shrieker; the shots fired move towards the aiming reticule. Sweet, right? :0 Haha
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