What the heck is a non-casual player anyway?

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old_man_mossy posted...
What part did you have trouble with Liger; I'd be happy to explain.

Did you have problems with the anology?

Are you expressing false puzzlement to make a jab at me because you feel slighted? I wasn't referring to you, btw, with the reference to non casual. I'd consider you more casual myself (you play games for fun without slamming those who don't enjoy what you do)

Not drunk btw; thanks for your condescending behavior though! Lol; if I'm to tolerate this place perhaps I should jump off the wagon again...might be helpful

Another interesting sidebar: non casuals tend to talk more about gaming than actually playing games.

So this place is taking a dark turn...
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Not for me...well not anymore than what's normal here anymore. That was sooo yesterday anyway, lol.

No sense in bringing yesterday's disagreements into today's happenings. What's said was said. Since then Lig & I have crossed paths on the forum w/out prior dark turn drama.

No worries man, it's all good. Or atleast what passes for normal here XD

I'm going to bed, early day tomorrow. g'night.
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^I second that post. I've been having a really crap last few weeks, and tried hard not to let it seep on to the board. The last few days I've failed.
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Oh, okay. Glad to see you two are fine.
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xXAISPXx posted...
Oh, okay. Glad to see you two are fine.

Cmo More Often.
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I'm a casual these days, so yeah :/

Just throw me a Zelda game, get Konami to hire back Iga for a good Castlevania game, and let me just run around and jump on stuff. That's all I really care for these days.
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I haven't heard the term "non-casual".

Normally it's either casual or hardcore.

My definition of those:

Casual gamers game for fun. They don't have a competitive nature and usually stick to certain genres of games. Now, someone can play an FPS casually and just not take it seriously. And that's fine.

Hardcore gamer is the guy that knows how to play the game. Knows how everything works. Is better than most, is competitive and wants to win, while also taking pride in his/her skill. The guy who plays COD and knows how to counter whatever the other team is doing and tries his best to make it happen. Who knows the range and damage stats for all the weapons. He knows what gun an enemy is using by the sound of it. He knows whether or not it is safe to engage that player based on the weapon he is using, the position of the player (and distance), and what the other player is using. He doesn't have to play COD a lot to accomplish this. Just have a good memory.

A hardcore gamer is naturally good at video games for whatever reason. Gaming is their hobby. It's something they're good at and passionate about. They can pwn you in COD and complete Zelda, Metroid, or (name your poison) at 100% without glancing at a gaming guide. They'll also do it while dying a lot less than the casual. They can outgun you in Star Fox 64 and leave you in the dust in Burnout or Need for Speed. They beat Battletoads.

A pro gamer is someone who does this for money. It's their life. They probably play more than anyone else and normally it's just one genre of gaming or possible one series.

I could write more, but I'm tired. I hope those descriptions make sense.
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I should add that I didn't have time to read all the posts...