I also wanted to make a montage.

#1CHAINMAILLEKIDPosted 8/26/2014 9:17:04 PM

I really really really wanted to make a montage at one point. I wanted to feature the Cyborg, and the whole family of weapons that kinda fit in with that, like the Eclipse, Dark Star, and the Aegis device, and perhaps a few others.

I never got around to it because... Well, mostly I'd rather just play than organize and record.
And because I felt I couldn't justify the work it would take with a camera as a capture device.

However, that didn't keep me from contemplating on it a lot, and imagining what it could be like.
I did get as far as to figure out what songs I wanted to use.
I got one song that would be cool for the intro, and another that would be for the feature.

Even though I never got as far as to actually... record footage, I have taken the liberty to arrange the auido such that it would be for a montage. Perhaps using our IMAGINATION! we can appreciate what could have been.

To aid in our visualization of this imaginary montage, I've set in a few images I found in my pictures folder, in order to help set the tone.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my un-montage.


Also, any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Well, you should of, because I would appreciate if I wasn't the only one making them. :)
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Still making montages for Conduit 2. Somehow. lol
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You just want me to draw their fire, don't you.

Oh so you guys want to complain about montages do you?
I'll give you something to complain about!
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CmoIsDaNam3 posted...
Well, you should of, because I would appreciate if I wasn't the only one making them. :)

Have you seen Mike's Carbonizer sniping montage? That's some funny stuff.
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That was great haha. I enjoyed it.
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here comes another Chinese earthquake brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbrbrb
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Worst lag ever.

Nice music though.
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