Using a ps3 controller? Motioninjoy / DS3 tool?

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4 years ago#1
So I am attempting to use my ps3 controller to play this game, having bought it on the humble bundle sale, but the darn thing just scrolls continuously, like a button is being held down. Anyone know how to fix this, or how to use the PS3 controller with the game?
4 years ago#2
Are you using it as a PS3 controller or Xbox controller? It should be at Xbox setting since the game supports that controller.
4 years ago#3
Thanks for the reply. I am using a physical PS3 controller, but DS3 Tool is set to the Xbox 360 controller, so it should be emulating it. It works fine with other games, like Skyrim, but no such luck with Darksiders. Are you able to get it to work?
4 years ago#4
Yeah, I'm playing it with my PS3 controller as we speak. Have you used it as a 360 controller in other games? Can you play it that way in another game right now without trouble? Are you using the controller wired or via bluetooth? If bluetooth, switch to wired and see if that makes a difference. If it's only this game that you're having the issue with then I have no idea what it could be.
4 years ago#5
Yeah wired, and I can play other games just fine...only Darksiders is causing trouble
4 years ago#6
Okay, but does Darksiders THINK you have a 360 controller attached? You ARE setting it to 360 controller in DS3, right? When you start Darksiders with the controller attached, does the game say "Press Start" or "Click Start"? If it says the second one then it doesn't recognize a 360 controller is attached. If you're using the controller as a Motioninjoy controller it probably won't work. Make sure you click the "Game Controller Panel" button in DS3 to make sure it's registering the right controller before you start the game. Do you have the latest version of Motioninjoy?

If everything is configured like it should be and you're still having that issue, then I don't know what to tell you. All I know is that I've got the same setup and it works fine for me.
4 years ago#7
I use ds3 tool and dualshock3 too, and works fine. Make sure you dont use kb+m at any time in game, sine it only can use controller, or kb+m, and you cant change it in-game, sou you have to restart the game todo so.
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